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Larry Perez, Walker & Dunlop

Rob is the consummate multifamily real estate investor who lives and breathes the industry. Over the past few years I have watched Rob and his team grow their brand and their portfolio of strong performing assets. Whether he’s structuring his next deal, evaluating the next opportunity, or mentoring a peer, Rob is engrossed in the numbers. His keen understanding of all facets of the deal is what gives me confidence in his ability to generate success after success. I always look forward to working with Rob and his Team, and I’m even more excited to be an investor in his most recent acquisition in Webster, TX. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for Lone Star Capital, Rob, and his team.

Marina Wong, Investor

I am very happy that I can invest my 1031 money with Rob’s syndication. We sold a property that we held for almost 20 years in 2021 and 1031 into 3 assets. One of them is with Rob. They distribute as they promised and that’s very important for us as we are now retired and steady income is more important than future appreciation. I have participated in various syndications since 2017 and I am very impressed with their monthly report. Out of my 10+ different syndicators/operators, I have not seen one report as detailed as theirs. I also watch some of Rob’s YouTube videos and he always has insightful tips to share. Learned a lot from him. Thank you Rob. I would highly recommend Rob and his team if you are thinking of investing in syndication.

Peter Bentley, Investor

I have worked and Invested with Kent for over a decade and have been impressed by his expansive knowledge of real estate and his ability to turn dreams into reality. Kent has a grasp of situations which allows him to quickly solve problems and make sure obstacles are surmounted. These skills have allowed him to grow Lone Star into a well respected investor / manager in one of the fastest growing markets in the country. Above all else, Kent is transparent with investors and totally honest. I have invested in several Lone Star deals and I unreservedly recommend Kent and Lone Star.

Bob Heard, Colliers

Rob, Kent, and the Lone Star Capital team are consummate professionals who I have had the pleasure of helping buy and sell a number of properties with. Lone Star Capital has a strong reputation in the market and have a history of closing on time and doing what they say they are going to do. We look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Desmoine West, Phase One Capital

It is my pleasure to recommend Rob Beardsley of Lone Star Capital (LSC). LSC has been a client of ours since 2020 and I can attest to Rob’s leadership, professionalism and high character. He and the entire LSC team are focused, detail oriented real estate investors with a very bright future. We look forward to a long relationship with Rob and LSC!

J.C. Clemens, Flagship Capital

Rob, Kent, and their team have executed their business plans flawlessly on all transactions we have been involved with them on. Attention to detail and transparency with equity partners like Flagship Capital Partners has been invaluable on our deals.

Rick Martin, Fortress Federation

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Rob and get to know him over the past couple of years. He is intelligent, organized, committed, and passionate about his work. Not only is he skilled and knowledgable, but he is strongly principled, and he applies this foundation to how he conducts his business. I highly recommend working with Rob, if you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity.

Stony Stonebraker, Passivo

My business partner, Lennon Lee, has known Rob for several years as they both invested in commercial real estate properties. From Lennon’s strong recommendation and my investing together with Rob, I’ve seen that Rob is a focused, driven entrepreneur with a clear instinct for the key success factors in an investment. His customer focus is more than words. He has an outstanding ability to understand and address the concerns of investors while being transparent with his analyses and decisions.

Joey Rippel, Berkadia

The Lone Star Capital Team have been great to work with in many aspects. Our most recent experience came on an acquisition that we brokered with many moving parts as we narrowed in on closing. The Lone Star Capital Team toughed it out and were able to close on the asset without any backpedaling. We would recommend them as a buyer any day and we look forward to the next opportunity we have to work with them. Congrats Lone Star Capital Team.

John Fortes, Avant Fund

Not only is Rob so easy to talk to he can easily break down the complexities of investing in real estate in a manner that is easy to comprehend and digest. Since getting to know Rob and his team we have been able to form a partnership that will last for many years to come.

Jordan Cortez, Vanguard RE Advisors

I recently had the good fortune of transacting on a large value-add apartment community with Rob and it was an excellent experience. He is a man of integrity and stays true to his word throughout the entire contractual process. I definitely look forward to selling him many more deals in the future.


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